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How to Remove EXE Virus and Trojan

Virus and Trojan are believed as the biggest threats to PC security and stability, so in this page we will talk about virus and Trojan.

What is virus and Trojan?

We are all very familiar to these two names, but what exactly they are may be not known to many people. Virus often aims to damage computer in various ways or just self-reproduces so as to fill the computer and then reach purpose like blackmail the PC owner or simply show off the creator’s technology.

Accompanied with infection, virus may modify the code or data of system files like DLL files which will lead to thousands of programs not able to run properly, because DLL files is where they invoke the necessary functions of codes from. Except for the self-reproduction, virus can download and install malware and spyware from unknown website as well in order to embezzle the needed information from infected PC.

Trojan is one kind of virus which is more dangerous than normal virus. Its target is to embezzle PC owners’ secret information like ID name and code in games, online bank, and any information which may bring Trojan creator benefit. It won’t self-produce itself or do damage to the computer.

It’s much more like an executive link connecting the Trojan creator and the infected PC so that the Trojan may get lots of important data or information the creator most want to know. Also Trojan will modify system file’s data too. From this we can see Trojan is more dangerous than normal virus.

Then we need to talk about what is the “receptor” of virus and Trojan or what would the virus pretend to be to cheat the user’s eyes and get into the computer. The answer could be EXE, or mostly is EXE file. Because files with .exe extension can be directly executed by click, so normally EXE would always be chosen as the receptor or the file virus disguised for.

There is another phenomenon you may not discover that even if you already removed all the virus and virus-related files, there would still problems like DLL was not found, runtime error, blue screen of death and so on. Why does this situation happen? It’s just because you removed all the virus-related files even some system files which have been modified by virus. Thus, the end of being infected by virus and Trojan would only be a mess. And you can also see why lots people prefer to reinstall the operating system rather than find out what makes the PC a mess.

And now you don’t need to be afraid of this situation anymore. DLL Suite will help you solve all the problems mentioned above.

How to repair virus and Trojan infection

First, DLL Suite has a specialized tool for virus-Trojan infection called Dashboard. This tool is mainly targeted to fix the exe file which is easy to be infected. By scanning the whole disc to search and repair any infected exe file to get rid of the total mess after the virus removal. In this way you can thoroughly fix the virus and Trojan infection problem.

Second, click other tools to give your PC a whole scanning to make sure there are no other corrupted files in your computer. If the scanning result of DLL Suite shows that there is no problem, well congratulations you’ve got a brand new inside of computer.

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