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How to Make Your Computer Running Faster

Slow computer is one typical phenomenon when we use a computer. I bet you must be really frustrated about slow PC performance.

I mean nobody is willing to wait for startup for a long time and open a website for a long time or run a software for a long time. Not everyone has that kind of patient and as far as I'm concerned all the PC users are longing for a high speed PC which will certainly make you work or enjoyment more convenient for sure.

Well, this page will discuss how to make your PC faster in detail and holding the faith that what we do can benefit you to some extent. So here we will explore slow computer.

Why your PC become slow?

If we want to speedup computer, we need to understand what makes our PC slow, what makes PC running like crawling.

Let's get started from the very beginning – startup issue. Have you ever met a situation that your PC kept starting for almost two minutes? Lots of people have run into that problem with their computer and normally it's because of too many default programs running at startup or the configuration of your computer is out of date or just simply too old. So when you PC start up, your CPU memory or your whole motherboard is worn.

If it's because of hardware problem, I have to say there is no other way except change a new one replacing the old worn one. But if your problem is raised by software issue like too many default running programs on PC start, you just need to change the set to not running when computer is started.

After start of PC, another sign of PC being slow is the long time you may wait when you run program, even chat software would really cost a long time then that is really a trouble for you. The origins may lead to this is really in a large amount.

Virus and Trojan: This one is probably the first reason you may consider once you want to find out what causes your slow computer. And yet this can be the most difficult one to handle, because ordinarily virus and Trojan infection always have a effect of chains and you have no idea where exactly going wrong.

For example, at the first place of being infected, virus has the ability of damaging your system and programs. Then it may modify data in the system files like DLL. Next, before you know, virus has downloaded and installed malware and spyware which would chasing all the possible programs it can infect to achieve their purpose like embezzling secret information so as to get what may brings profit like ID and codes of online bank.

Junk files and rarely used softwares: More files existing in your PC means more time it will spend for hard disc to read. They are much more like useless fragments staying in the way of PC reading and calculating. So the only solution can be nothing but cleaning. As to how we clean more convenient, we will expose it below. PS: these fragments include junk files from barely used software, IE and other browser's temporary files, needless registry from already uninstalled programs.

How to speed up your computer

DLL Suite is most effective PC error fixer you can ever find on the present internet. It equips all the necessary tools to speed up a PC.

Dashboard is able to exclude all the possible factors which may be related with virus and Trojan. And make all the deleted files and modified files back to the condition before they got infected. Besides, this tool can also fix high CPU/memory usage, program freezing and system crash issue.

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