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How to Fix Blue Screen of Death of SYS

Blue screen is also called blue screen of death (BSOD). It’s the reaction of windows facing system error and can't continue running. Which is to say, when you see your screen turns blue, it means your system lurks errors which need you to fix. So if you don’t repair the potential error, even though you restart the PC, your screen would turn to blue again sooner or later.

What error could cause blue screen of death?

The reasons which could lead to blue screen of death are diverse. It could be hardware problem, software problem; it could be compatible issue or it could be difficulty of running or just lack of critical components of system. Even the Microsoft Corporation may not know what causes some of blue screen of death. So here we will just list several errors which may result in blue screen.

First, system file is lacking when the related program runs. Normally this situation mostly happens to DLL files with .sys extension (SYS files in short). This kind of DLL files is very vital and important elements of system. Besides DLL file contains lots of functions of codes and data to be shared with other programs so as to let them running well. If SYS file is missing or just deleted by your mistaken operation, it’s unavoidable of blue screen of death (BSOD).

Second, virus and Trojan infection is another high-probability factor for blue screen. Partly because of virus’ damage function, virus is capable to damage computer by delete system files or registry data so that blue screen of death would happen. Partly because of virus and Trojan can download and install malware and spyware which all together may modify the data in DLL files, and then you may see blue screen due to the paralyzation of programs which can’t invoke functions from the modified files.

Third, the driver problem is another key factor with blue screen. And commonly the error code is 0x0000000A:IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. If you find this error code writing on your blue screen, that means your PC driver has errors to be fixed. We all know that driver files are in charge of link the hardware with software which plays a really important role. So this issue is also need to be taken seriously. Here is a list of a part of error code of blue screen:


If you see this, it can be really unfortunate to you because it means even Microsoft has no idea what causes this blue screen. So you might just as well use PC error fixer – DLL Suite.

2. 0x0000002EATA_BUS_ERROR

This error code indicates that the PC memory has a problem which may be aroused by virus and Trojan. (Dashboard in DLL Suite should be used in this situation)


This also shows you PC probably infected by virus. Or system file like DLL file has been modified or deleted by some unknown reasons.

How to fix blue screen of death (BSOD)

DLL Suite has possessed every function needed to fix blue screen of death.

DLL Suite has a specialized tool for blue screen named Fix BSOD which is designed for a long time with thousands corresponding solution to each error.

Its working theory is to fix all the related files with SYS file including drivers which may have errors. Moreover, it also will fix “DLL was not found or missing” problem to make sure every program won’t be disabled to invoke functions.

Besides, DLL Suite’s MS Tools which has contains all the necessary optimizing tools for windows are also very important to fix blue screen. Sometimes it’s because of scrambled registry, the Disc Cleaner and Disc defragmentation would help you a lot.

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